In November, the “Faces of our history” project will begin in collaboration with the CHSLD (retirement homes) of the MRC de l’Islet.
For three weeks, I will meet * the residents and make sketches of their portraits (* virtual or face-to-face when this is possible again).
At the end of these meetings, three oil portraits will be made. The sketches and paintings will be hung permanently in the three CHSLD of the MRC de l’Islet as well as at the Saint-Jean-Port-Joli day center, thus allowing these exchanges with residents to be immortalized.
The purpose of this project is to recreate bridges with this segment of the population heavily affected by social distancing during the pandemic. It also aims to sensitize the community on the place of our elders in our society.
I would like to warmly thank the MRC de l’Islet for granting me the grant to the Support Fund for Cultural Initiatives (FAIC) and a special thought for Guylaine Dumais who accompanied me in these efforts. Furthermore, a big thank you to Saint-Jean-Port-Joli CHSLD and more specifically Christine Pelletier who, through their involvement, will allow this project to be carried out in the current health context.

Want to learn more about it? visit the “making of the project” page >

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